Ninos con Bendicion

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Sponsor a Child - Change a Life

Child sponsorship is an incredible way to change a child`s life here in Guatemala. In a country where illiteracy and extreme poverty are  rife, education is the key to change. 

Most people have many questions and concerns about child sponsorship. Here are some of the most common questions which should help you make a decision about sponsoring a child through Niños con Bendición.


What is a sponsor?

A sponsor is a life-long friend. Through becoming a sponsor you will provide a child with the gift of education. Your annual donation will help to provide an education to a child living in poverty in Guatemala, including all school necessities (supplies, uniform etc.). The sponsorship fee also helps to covers other necessities such as medical care and food for the child at the after-school club. Each child needs at least 2 sponsors in order for all needs to be met. Not only will you be a tremendous blessing to the child you assist, but in turn you will experience great joy as you see your child mature and grow. 

How much does it Cost?

The sponsorship fee is US $375 per year. For just over $1 a day, you can give a child a brighter future! While the Niños program has charitable status in the Guatemala, it is not registered in any other country.  Unfortunately, sponsorships and donations are not tax deductible at this time.

How do I pay my sponsorship fees? 

Each fall we collect the sponsorship fees for the following school year.  Cheques are sent to Laura Wenk in the US, and are then forwarded to Lesbi.  Once they arrive in Guatemala, it takes approximately 30 days for the bank to clear the cheque.  If you decide to sponsor while in Guatemala, you can also leave the money with Lesbi and Tino. If you sponsor in the middle of the school year, the money will be sent at that time to help cover the cost of the current year.  


Can I write to my sponsored Child?

Of course! We are in the process of setting up a system to make communication easier between sponsors and their sponsor children so watch this space!  Until then, you can send email messages to the children by writing to Lesbi and Tino at .

Can I send gifts (toys, clothes etc.) to my sponsored child ? 

All children love to receive gifts! However, there are many obstacles to overcome in sending gifts to countries such as Guatemala. We recommend not sending gifts to your child in the mail, however sponsors wishing to give a gift at Christmas time may get in touch with the Niños team as each year at Christmas time a we will purchase equal gifts for all of the children and their families in the project. For example, for Christmas 2014 we gifted every family an 'Ecofiltro' so they could have clean, safe drinking water and in 2015 we gave each family chickens so that they can have the gift of eggs year round. Each year we look at the highest needs, and base the gifts on those needs. 

What do I receive? 

The Ninos love to draw, and so you can expect to receive lots of lovely pictures from them. We also encourage them to write to you and fill you in on their lives. You will receive these messages and pictures in email format, as we will scan them and send them on to make sure that they reach you. We cannot rely on the Guatemalan postage system.

How much of my $375 goes to the project? 

$300 of your sponsorship fee goes directly to the project to help pay for your child's education and other needs. Since 2015, $75 from each sponsorship goes towards a salary for Tino and Lesbi, the project directors. For 8 years they worked without earning a salary for the incredible work they do with the Ninos, and in 2015 we were finally in a position to offer them a small income for all of their hard work. 

Can I sign up to sponsor a child now?

Absolutely! We would be thrilled to accept you as a sponsor for one of our niños! To register, just send an email to Lesbi and Tino at . 

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