Niños con Bendición 

Ninos con Bendicion

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Niños con Bendicion Youth Centre

Lesbi and Tino dreamed of building a bigger place to accommodate the program and serve more children in the community as for 8 years they were using their own living space and garden to host the program. That dream has finally become a reality!  

Due to generous donations from supporters of the project and online fundraising endeavors the construction for the new youth center began in January 2015. The youth center is still under construction and funds are needed urgently in order to complete the project. If you would like to make a donation for the construction of the youth center you can do so here:

Another way to make a contribution to the construction fund is to purchase a 2016 Ninos Calender or, a CD of the talented Ninos playing the Marimba, the traditional instrument of Guatemala. To purcahse these wonderful gift you can search for

We are hoping that everyone will share the links with family and friends. Together, we can help make this happen!!

An estimate by a local architect is outlined below:

Phase 1. (basement) ------------------------133,777.93  (US$17,375)

Phase 2.------------------------------------- 268,099.66   (US$34,820)

Phase 3.------------------------------------- 218,793.72   (US$28,415)

Phase 4.---------------------------------- -- 148,612.74   (US$19,300)

Total------------------------------------------769,284.05  (US$99,910)

What was not considered is the fact that Tino is a carpenter, so will be doing most of the work himself. He will also have volunteers who will assist, which will cut down this cost.

The centre will have a few rooms for tutoring, a music and dance area, changing rooms for the boys and girls, an area for parent meetings and performances, a kitchen, bedrooms for the family members and a spare bedroom. They have sometimes had to keep children at their home for safety reasons. They also feel this room could be used by volunteers who are with them on a short/long term basis. 

The following photos are of the plans drawn up by the architect.